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Have you ever been in a place where everything just seems to work and flow with ease? Where everything you love doing just comes together?  Welcome to Dragonfly Digital.  It's the place where I get to be creative, intuitive and help many small businesses grow their online assets. Dragonfly Digital is the creative hub for growing online businesses and a stock photo gallery of images from my travels around the world.

Why the Dragonfly? A symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, it inspires you to bring about the changes needed in your life in order for you to reach your full potential.  Are you ready for your business to reach it's full potential?

The simple joy of teaching clients how to write and upload their very first blog post, showing a techno challenged grandmother how to manage her own Content Management System or receiving raving feedback from clients and their peers about the relaunch of their brand online...  All in a days work (if you'd call it that!).  Would you like to have this much ease with your online business?  It's possible...

Scott Murray

Creative.  Energiser.  Strategist.

I sense your online business vision.  Your words and desires come to life.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I create your website to be both beautiful and functional.  The words, the images, the colours - rich with life and invitation.  The intuitive flow your clients will follow, their next step positioned so its obvious what action to take now!  Simplicity becomes your new reality. Could I be the creative craftsmen you're looking for too bring your business dream to life?

I capture the essence of your business and bring your brand to life online through your website and social media.  Soulless business is a thing of the past.  People desire more than that.  If you are reading this page, you do too. You know your business is ripe for expansion.   Could we work together to expand your online business?

Your options are endless online .  The thought of implementing them all scares you.  Rightly so! Every opportunity is not perfect for every business.  We discover the opportunities and possibilities that your business requires to expand with ease.  Together, we create a workable roadmap to bring these to fruition.  No more procrastination.  No more one day... the worlds waiting...  what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to expand your business now?

I enjoy my life and love my business.  But I am not owned by it.  That's why I work with experienced, talented and capable contractors who are experts in their field.  Geekier than I'll ever be.  More specialised than I care to be (I prefer a multitude of diverse projects to stop the boredom setting in).  Genuinely clever people from all over the world.  

  • Wordpress Trainers.
  • SEO Experts.
  • Marketing Consultants.
  • Holistic Business Coaches.

I've collected the best so you don't waste time and money searching for them.  If you are like me, you have other things you love doing.  I also have a natural therapies business for Kahuna Massage, Energy Healing and Access Bars.  The perfect combination to destress, unwind and rejuvenate - just what you may need while expanding your online business!

Are you ready for something different?  A different way of doing business.   

More ideas, with easy implementation.  

More encouragement, when your learning curve is steeper than Mt Everest.  

More ease, than you thought possible.  Let the fun begin.

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Client Love...

"After working with many web builders in the last few years, all of them coming up short with encapsulating my vision for Shauna's Island, I spoke to Scott Murray from Dragonfly Digital about what I desired to create.

Scott's fresh ideas and the ease with which he built my gorgeous mobile responsive website - with very little creative input from me - I am truly grateful for! My clients love the ease of finding what's happening  where, as I run many events in different cities.

With ongoing strategy sessions with Scott, we are fine tuning the automation, building my membership hub and getting ready to launch phase 2. I am more energised than ever about the possibilities of growth for Shauna's Island.

If you are unsure about web designers or thinking about DIY, consult with Scott first. I highly recommend his services and I will never DIY with technology thingies again while I have Scott on my team. I have been recommending Scott to everybody."

Shauna Teaken, Creator and Founder

Shauna's Island