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Quality beats quantity anyday (unless you're a search engine - more about that below). Would you rather read 5 lines of brilliance or 1 page of average? The same goes for podcasting and videos. Entertain people. Spark their curiosity. Challenge their thinking.

Here's a little something I prepared earlier...

"Occasionally I love you.
I love your softness, your curves, your sleek lines and your slim legs. Your modern look allows me to mix and match you with my other modern pieces. Some days I like you plain, you know, in beige and charcoal. Other days you excite me – vibrant turquoise certainly brightens up my day!
Occasionally I like to sit alone with you in those random positions around the house that just need a comfy chair. I love your versatility. You look great in the bedroom, compliment my lounge room and I adore you in my sitting/reading room.
Best of all, you have friends. And so do I. That’s why I love the 3 seater sofa, in beige or taupe. I love to mix and match you all. Comfort, style, durability and drop dead gorgeous looks, I think I love you more than occasionally!
Let’s lounge around together some time. Pick me up before it’s too late. I won’t be around for long, but I will be around for a long time."

This was for a blog post for a furniture and homewares store introducing their new sofa/lounge range. What do you think?

Please don't ever copy others content and put it out as your own, its only a matter of time before you get found out... and besides your creativity is sure to out shine theirs!

If in doubt, don't put it out. Mass produced boring content will do your business and reputation more harm than 200 selfies on Facebook.

Ask yourself these questions before your start writing:

  • What is the purpose of the content?
  • Who is your target audience and what do they require from you?
  • What action do you want people to take after reading, viweing or listening to your content?
  • How can you best share this brilliant content?

Are you creating content for search engines? Firstly make it reader friendly. Search engines love fresh, relevant content. If you get this right they reward you with plenty of readers. Keep it consistent (I need to take my own advice!!) and most importantly keep it specific to your niche. You won't want to read about dog washing on a share trading blog will you?

How often do you produce content? What do you do to help you consistently create quality content?

Scott Murray 26-Aug-2014 0 Comments
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