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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation...

is an in depth process of making it easy for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to send traffic to your website.  Without traffic coming to your website, you are wasting time having one! (unless you are having it to impress yourself, which I am guessing you are not!)

Given that 70% of people click on the #1 website that is listed in the organic search results (ie. not the paid results on the right hand side), you want to be as close to this as possible (#1 is the preference and Our Target for Your Business!)  If you are not on the first page for your targeted keywords, don't expect any traffic from the seach engines anytime soon.

So how do we get Your Business ranking as high as possible?  

We start with keyword research to see what people (yes, the potential clients with the money!) are looking for.  We then analyse your website to ensure your content is targeted towards these keywords, and a few other special saucy secrets that search engines love.  From here we look at the many options available for distributing your keyword targeted content around the web.  Yes, post penguin and panda Google updates, quality back links still work!  We develop a plan for you and your business that is manageable while still giving you the results you are after ie. traffic to your website.  SEO is an ongoing process, something we work on every month for our online businesses and our client's online businesses.

Wish to know more?  Contact us today so we can start assisting Google, Bing and Yahoo to send you more clients.  

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