What Gangnam Style is Your Online Business?

Sitting pretty with 667 Million views on Youtube in 3 months, PSY certainly knows how to be visible in the market place.  What would it take for your online business to receive this much attention?

What, You haven't seen it yet?  I have included the clip below so you know what I am talking about...

PSY embraces many of the key concepts that contribute to an online business being energised.  Is your online business unique (not the same old stuff regurgitated), creative (who would have thought taking the mikey out of Gangnam people could look like this and go viral?)?  PSY enjoys being himself no matter what other peoples judgements are - what a gift this is the the world!

The catchy music and dance moves add to the mix and make this a marketers dream.  Being a visual product, Youtube is the perfect medium for maximum exposure.  Where would your products/services receive the most attention?

PSY also makes the most of Youtubes features to assist more potential clients find him:

  • Complete description with Url to his website, online shop, more places to connect with him and his products
  • Video responses from his own channel will lead to more views on these videos which leads to a higher position in the youtube search results
  • Allowing comments (all 2.7 Million of them!) a fantastic place for tribal interaction and for PSY to respond to these (in his spare time).
  • Adding the video to a playlist - if your audience likes one of your videos they are more likely to watch more of them  and share, comment and talk about them on other social media platforms

One of the funniest things about this clip is that not many people can understand a word he says.  Maybe they perceive energetically what message he is putting out there.

I would like to hear about your online business and the success you have had on You Tube, please comment below (unless you are a spammy robot!)

Please also feel free to share this on social media, gratitude for you!

What if being energised was just a choice?



Scott Murray 08-Nov-2012 0 Comments
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