You Have 8 Seconds to Impress Me

No, its not a blind date and I don't have ADHD (although some days my kids think I do).

This is how long people wait for your website to load and for you to gift them then information they're seeking. Impatient? Maybe. We do live in the age of 'now'. If you don't satisfy your potential clients needs, somebody else will. And quickly.

  • How clear is your message?
  • Do your graphics/images add to the message?
  • Have you removed ALL the distractions from the page?
  • What is the one thing you wish your visitor to do?

I know, you're every excited about your business and ALL the things you can do for your clients. Remember, you don't have to bare it all as soon as you meet them (just like a blind date).

It's good to leave something in the tank for later. No doubt you will want to communicate with them at a later stage. This is when you can start to share with them all the amazing talents you and your business have.

Be Clear. Invite them to connect with you in some way - email signup, social media, or a blog comment.

Then follow up. The first date is more about, "Could we have something to offer each other?" The follow up is where you explore what this could be.

What do you do to grab your visitors attention?

Scott Murray 14-Aug-2014 0 Comments
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