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Case Study: "Uninspired business owner's re-energise their brand and gain recurring monthly corporate client."

Scott Murray - Monday, September 07, 2015

What are you FAMEous For?

Corporate FAME are the go to organisation in South East Queensland for team building and corporate leadership events. They have been in operation for over 15yrs and were seeking to further develop their brand and online presence.

the TASK:

Develop a website that truly reflected the expertise of the Corporate FAME Team and enable them to further cement themselves as the team building & leadership ‘go to’ company.


Although Corporate FAME had been in operation for over 15yrs, Lee and Lauralee Berrill had come to a bit of a stalemate in their business. It was either close up shop and do something different or re-energise their brand and fire up the supply of leads to rebuild the business.

Their old website was dysfunctional. Navigation was confusing. Call’s to action were no where to be found. Their blog was on a separate site altogether. The site and branding was full of cartoon characters. To top it off, the site was not mobile responsive.

If you were to meet Lee and Lauralee, this is the polar opposite of what they represent. They are a vibrant, compassionate team who truly love each moment they spend with teams in the outdoors. Their programs are top notch and have been used by many corporate companies from Australia, Asia and USA.


Lauralee wanted a website that was mobile responsive, represented the energy of their brand, was easy to navigate for clients and the site had to generate potential new clients.


Making the site mobile responsive was a no brainer - it’s a must have for all websites! According to Google, over 50% of all search is performed on a mobile device. Creating a site that is visually attractive and easy to navigate across all devices is essential.

Team-building with Corporate FAME is magical. No matter what the activity or the group, the team always find a way to have fun, help participants move through personal challenges and leave with a greater sense of self and the benefits of their work team. To achieve this we had to move away from the cartoon characters of the past and include many images/videos of clients participating in the team building activities (most with smiles on their faces!).

Lauralee had a swag of these hidden on her hard drive, so we pulled them out, sorted through them and started using them to do the talking for Corporate FAME. The slider is loaded with real life outdoor team building activities. No stock photos here!

After reviewing their current offering of activities and scrapping the ones that they no longer ran, we put the four most popular on the front page - within the first fold. This makes it very easy for potential clients to get a taster real fast of the type, scale and variety of activities they could expect from Corporate FAME. Each of these pages also contains a Call to Action (we include this on every page to make it easy to direct people which action you want them to take next)

It was also reassuring for Lauralee to hear in the first few weeks after going live with the new site, clients phoning to book and commenting how easy it was to find what they were looking for.

The next challenge was targeted traffic.

In its heyday, the site had enjoyed great google rankings. One of our most popular strategies to increase targeted traffic is regular blogging. As can happen with many small business owners, you know your niche so well and live it every day, your bored with it. So writing about it with passion and enthusiasm can be a challenge. Luckily with the results of the website rebuild, Lauralee was able to muster up the enthusiasm to express her creativity and knowledge about the industry and start posting regularly.

The results where not instant, but very rewarding. Within the first few months they gained 3 new corporate clients, which more than paid for the investment in the new website. Big smiles all round :) With this encouragement more blogging followed. It wasn’t long before they landed a new client with monthly work - larger than they had previously had for a very long time - Grinning from ear to ear!!

This was just the start. A new lease on life provided via the upgraded website and partnering with Dragonfly Digital has seen this business flourish and expand with ease. See what Lauralee had to say after the site went live:

“ We have worked with many website designers in an effort to develop our brand. After a brief chat with Scott, he knew exactly what we were looking for, put some ideas together with no fuss and built a brilliant, classy easy to manage website! I thoroughly recommend Scott for all manner of web design. The best things is our clients love our new website and we are getting new business from it.”

Lauralee Berrill, Director Corporate F.A.M.E Australia


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