Morning Inspiration

Design Genius Using Canva for Un-designers

Scott Murray - Monday, June 29, 2015

Canva delivers for un-designers like me. Are you an un-designer?  I have an eye for what I would love to create for myself and my clients but don't have the time to master illustrator or similar programs.  If you have a desire to create beautiful graphics, images or a whole branding portfolio with ease and simplicity, then using Canva will save you a lot of time.  Canva is my Tool of the Month for many reasons.

1. It's free. Mmm and it works well.  That's important because a lot of 'free' things have flaws that make using them frustrating.  Not with Canva.  Canva is also upgrading their offering all the time as well.  Developing their asset.  They listen to what their clients want, and deliver it. (are you doing this with your online business?)

2. Sizing Options - Not sure of the exact size of the social media image you need?  No stress, Canva has it all covered from Facebook covers, posts and Apps, Twitter posts, Pinterest Graphic, Instagram post, Youtube Channel Art, Twitter Header, Google+ Photo, Facebood Ad or an Etsy Banner. Simply enter your information into the preset templates.  And there's more... Flyers, posters, business cards, infographics, kindle covers, postcards, invitations... the list continues.

3. Images - Import your own or select from the expansive range within Canva - only $1 a piece!  Hot tip: create a custom image 5000px X 3000px for landscape images or 3000px X 5000px for portrait images.  Select your image and download it.  Then you can re-upload it and use it for all different image sizes.

4. Filters, fonts and transparency  - create your own brand of filter for all you branding requirements online.  Choose your brands specific font to stand out with your marketing.  Blend images/shapes/text with transparency to add your personal touch.  This will gives all of your graphics the same look and feel.   This also helps your clients recognise your posts, images and products.

5. Short on Ideas?  View the stream and see what others are creating.  Be inspired by colours, fonts, spacing, layouts...and more

6. Short on know-how?  Design school is for you.  Simple instructional videos full of "how to's" for the novice to expert.  Discover more about advertisement design tips, classic branding, colour combinations, personal branding, what mistakes to avoid, design trends and social media marketing.


How have you used design to help created your brand online?  I'd love to know in the comments below...