Morning Inspiration

Yes Creative Crew's Documercial Teaser

Scott Murray - Thursday, October 12, 2017


What's Your Point of Difference?

If you're telling your story, how do you stand out from the crowd?

Coming Soon...Check out one of our 'people behind the process' series, part of Yes Creative Crew's 'Documercial' projects, as we take in a 'day in the life' of Scott Murray, Director of Dragonfly Digital. See what makes him tick and find out the secrets behind his nifty online creations...Stay Tuned - Full Length Documercial is next.

**By personalising your video story - you’re able to subtly deliver your business’s message, to potential customers, in a very persuasive way.

If you're interested in WHY your business needs to be in the video space & HOW you can do it, grab your copy of Stephens video storytelling secrets so you too can 'move' your customers.