Morning Inspiration

Newsworthy or Taking Advantage of Current News

Scott Murray - Thursday, April 30, 2015

Have you ever wondered how some people/businesses always seem to be in the news?  I stumbled across an interesting(???) example of this the other day.  I am always following the energy of my business and working with what's working and looking for synchronicity as a key to move forward.

Within a few days, I had 2 clients talk to me about personal trainers and then I almost walked into a 4wd with advertising on it for a personal trainer.  So I tried to remember his name and google it when I came home. (note to self - just take a picture on your phone or send yourself a message next time!)  Miss spellings can change everything!!  So I googled Matt Philippi personal trainer OOPS!  it should have been 'Filippi'.  'Matt Phillipi' returned a page of listings that the adult industry have obviously jumped on the band wagon with and created a whole swag of gay videos - Not at all what I was expecting!  Fortunately a news article from the local paper about Matt's recent exposure (no pun intended) in Big Brother House and his burgeoning new career in the fitness industry was also on the first page and lead me to the 'Matt Filippi'  I was after.

What is the diamond in this cloudy situation?  The video producers where willing to cash in on Matt's looks and new found fame to produce a product that google will promote for them (albeit with a slight spelling typo).  

Is this product newsworthy?  That's questionable.  

Were they taking advantage of the current news?  Absolutely!

So where in your business can you take advantage of current trends in the news to help google send your website visitors? 

What could you blog about?

Who has your clients before you do, that you could blog about i.e.  for my Kahuna Massage business I am going to blog about the upcoming sports events in my local area with a hope to get traffic from people searching for information about these events

What is happening in your industry that everybody is talking about that you could make newsworthy or take advantage of?