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You know creating your business online is the next step in building a flexible foundation for business growth.  And you’re confused and maybe a little overwhelmed.  

There is SO much to deal with - all the different types of websites, how to choose and register a domain name, getting seen by the search engines, how to find your target audience online, working out your keywords, what tools really work... 

And that’s not to mention the challenges in working out what is relevant in the super-hyped hot air or deliberately confusing jargon that is so common!

How are we different?

We describe the strategies and technology options in plain english.  We provide simple, clear ‘how-to’ instructions for creating everything required to showcase your business effectively online.

We explain the common traps and how to avoid them.  Ever bought stuff you didn’t need?  Or tried to implement some internet marketing guru’s strategy with disasterous consequences?  We know your pain.  Are you ready to have ease instead?

Where do you start?

Don’t go it alone. Who are you accountable to?  Do you have a business buddy? Do you have a support team of specialists?

Know your targets.  What is it you would like to achieve?  Don’t chase the latest tools if you haven’t got your strategy clear.

Review your current situation.  What’s the gap between where you are now and where you would like your business to be online?

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Move Forward

You’ve started.  You have a website.  You have an email list.  Maybe even a blog.  What’s next?  Making money from your business online.

These tools on their own don’t make money.  It’s what you do with them that counts!  Contrary to popular urban myths, running a business online is not the same as having a static ‘salesperson’ that you can set and forget. Just like you have to create new enticing displays in retail stores, you need to be creating new invitations to your website regularly too!

This is where you use tools like social media (like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc), blogging, online advertising and more to send people to your website!

How are we different?

We look at your business strategically.  What tools and techniques are right for moving it forward with ease?  Which ideas will create the greatest results for the least input?

We consider your resources, strengths and capabilities.  Just because most people blog doesn’t mean you should!!  Maybe video is more your thing.  We help you wade through the options.  You only need 3 - 5 promotional strategies that work to create a thriving business!

We work with you to create valuable content and useful products that make your business relevant, shareable and desirable to your target audience.

How do you move forward?

Have products or services available for purchase on your website.  Make it easy to buy!

Send people in your target audience to your landing pages on your website to see what you have to offer.

Measure your success.  Tweak it, tweak it again, test it, tweak it again. Add new offers. Keep improving your sales performance.

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Take Giant Leaps

You know you are different.  You have some basics in place.  And it’s not enough! You’re ready to expand your community, build a tribe and be an inspiration to a lot more people who love what you do!

If you are wondering ‘How do I get my business to stand out?’  ‘How do I get people talking about my business?  ‘How does my business become desirable?’  ‘How can I attract invitations that will expand the possibilities in my business?’  This is where you really take the leap into leveraging your business beyond you working in the business.

How are we different?

Creating a movement is about more than just the right technology - you need to get clear on how you are going to interact, what other products and services you would like to offer, how to increase your conversion rates so you can impact more people... there’s a world of expansion we can introduce you to!

We lead you through successful strategies and we expand on the relevant ideas and principles in practical ways to tailor the tactics to your specific requirements.  Your technology obstacles are removed so that you can focus on expanding your business.

How do you move forward?

Create a movement - get clear on your message and how it is presented so you can attract an engaged audience with ease.

Set big bold targets that are beyond what you currently see as possible.

Discover what to delegate or outsource and where your personal engagement and influence can create the most value for your business.

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